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The 550 Italia it's based on a Fiat cinquecento's chassis.
On the exterior we applied a widebody kit that enlarge the car about 300mm x side in the rear part, in the front we have an enlargement of about 200mm(each-side)

In the rear part of the car we removed the rear seating and all the rear package, this to consent the positioning of the V8 4.5 Liters actually built on the Ferrari 458 Italia.
Also the rear block, including suspensions differential and transmission was taken from the Maranello's car.
The engine it was slightly detuned from 570HP to 550HP, this cause in the simulator the exeed of torque could badly balance the car during fast shifting operations .
Also the LSD it's concepted for a completely different usage than the one configured on the F458.
The original wheelbase of the Fiat500 (2300mm) it's increased of about 300mm, this due to consent the alignment of the transmission with the correct position of the driver, although the transmission lenght has been reduced as well.
The fuel tank it's modulated and repositioned in the front of the car, just after the 458 radiator (exactly where the stock engine of 500 was before)
For a proper operation of the car, in the project are also expected two ballast, in the front and in the middle of the chassis for an approximate total weight of 2000lbs.
The aspiration system works trought a roof scope and other two vents are located before the rear fenders, due to have an efficent cooling system straight to the brakes and on the lower part of the engine/transmission/differential.
The coloring is a tribute to the Italian flag and the blue color is a special edition concepted for the Italian soccer team that is now playing the European Cup 2012.
Our studio is actually looking for a investor able to spend around $550.000 for the development of this toy ;)