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"Heart Beat"
"Heart Beat"
We are full of electronic gadgets, sometimes usefull sometimes not.
Let's put together in the same device some functions that are
already availlable on the market but in different electronic gadgets.
The result it's a new device named "HEARTBEAT" able to show us
our hearbeat rate and in case of emergency will show who we are and what we may need.

FUNCTION 1 : In the front part (sliding surface),the HEARTBEAT owns
three led lights able to show our heartbeat, it can work directly with the
heartbeat measurer. (We can turn it on or off)
FUNCTION 2 : We can read in the internal LCD display our heartbeat
frequency, it can also show us, the beating average, during the days
of the week.
FUNCTION 3 : On the rear part of the device it's located a thermometer.
Placing it under our armpits, we can read in the internal LCD our body
FUNCTION 4 :We can set our BLOOD GROUP, that it could be usefull
in any case of emergency.
FUNCTION 5 :We can set allarm for any kind of reminder.
FUNCTION 6 :Trought the usb we can upload all the data that we want
Possible FUNCTION 7 : Detectable from any car navigation system
thanks to an internal GPS transmitter, it means that any driver will see
pedestrian movements on the navi screen.
Possible FUNCTION  8 :Wi FI connection with other HEARTBEATS,
Possible FUNCTION 9 : MP3 player
Not usefull function 10 : Change the color of your HEARTBEAT outside
LED for show your Feelings/Mood.