Kalimer 1.0
Kalimer 1.0
Design Process Concept Storyboards
The story tells how from
a simple small city car
we can evolve into a new kind of mobility system.
"just due to human needs"
3D prototyping
Matematical model creation with real packaging and measurements.
Final Rendering
"Click on the images to enlarge"
Self Balancing Sphere Technology: The self balancing technology already exist, there are few vehicles with this technology already available on the market.
What we are trying to develop is the same technology but without using common wheels.
The scenario is on the
What we expect to drive
in the next 50 years ?
We expected to drive
flying cars but after 20 years we are still seated on four wheels.
This just a way to immagine our mobility evolution and this is the story of my concept.
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