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Miscellaneous Sketches
Miscellaneous Sketches
2005 Lamborghini - Inferno Concept
BMW M-Zero 2nd sketch Concepts
Other various concepts gallery
Alfa Romeo 6C
Alfa Romeo 6C
Firecloud GTR
LCD Sidemirrors display system Motorbike application

LCD Sidemirrors - Automotive application
Female Appeal Dashboard
This dashboard is designed for a female target group.
Seats Sketches
The system includes informations on display: distance and speed of the other vehicles near
The principal gauges (kmh/rpm)are located inside an heart in the center of the dashboard.The color of the heart can change depending the status of the driver.
Inside car comunication
Example: if you are in love you can turn the heart in red but if you are single you can put it in blue.
Diamante VR 12
The VR is a 3.9 L twin-turbo DOHC V12
Weight :750Kg
Power: 850HP
Length: 4600mm  Height :1159mm
Wheelbase : 2800mm Width :2035mm
Chinese Bus Restyiling - Golden Dragon
During the design process, the vehicle was vertically analyzed by computer to determine the most optimal dimensions for the carriage and to maximize the room for passengers. Featuring safe and reliable structure and lighter weight. With a curb weight of 13 tons, this vehicle is lighter than most rivaling models, and features greater fuel economy. The unitary body technology also gives the vehicle greater flexural rigidity and torsional rigidity, boosting the vehicle’s safety performance

The Dimensions are 12000mm×2550mm×3820mm as the typical 24-55 (including driver seat)  busses.


Wheelbase 6000mm
Seat capacity 24-55
Max. speed ≥125 km/h
Engine L360 20(EURO II)
Max power 264kW(360PS)/2200rpm
Max. torque 1480N.m/1400rpm
Displacement 8.9L
Fuel tank 350L
Luggage compartment
capacity 10.5m3